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Who we are


Fresh Food & Fashion to the Borders without Boundaries. If it's produced by nature, we
have it! If it’s come from plants, we have it. If it’s come from an animal, we have it too! For
all your needs in plants and animal products and body care and apparel, we are here to serve.

Over 25 years in the farming industry

1. Fresh Meats

We have chicken, turkey, goat and beef meat in whole or in part. We also sell rabbit meat in whole or in parts.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

We sell a variety of citrus and other fruits to the market as well as vegetables freshly farmed at our facility.

3. Milk Products

We offer cow milk, goat milk. We offer milk suitable for children from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 5-years old.

4. Arts & Fashion Products

We offer luxury brands for all the seasons as well as other affordable options along with body care, apparel & lifestyle items.

Why Choose Us


At Fresh Food and Fashion, we offer values to our guests, then our guests become valuable customers. We have built a building of values and the customers are stepping on trust. We promise to always be loyal to our customers and to always works in their best interests.


The values we share with our customers are products from nature, from the industry, from our knowledge and expertise, and finally from our artwork and our heart. Values are priceless; however, we try to make them affordable.

Quality is what defines our products and services. We offer the best products with the best customer service. We listen to our customers’ needs and wants and we take actions. We have established some criteria to define quality which make quality in our products and services, a standardized term. Therefore, quality is one of the main reasons why customers choose us. At FFF, fresh means natural, organic and safe to consume.

Organic and freshly picked

Fruits & Vegetables

Deliciously Fresh

Fresh Meats

Body Care, Apparel and Lifestyle Items

Arts & Fashion

We Offer Cow and Goat Milk

Powdered Milk

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