Looking For Quality Food Products?

We have more organic fruit and a better selection of fresh organic vegetables than you’ve ever seen! We’re ready to showcase more variety and the freshest quality organic fruits & vegetables than any local farm in the south Florida area.

We know how difficult and expensive it is to feed your family foods free of pesticides, radiation, & GMO, etc. Our job is to supply you with 100% USDA certified organic produce for half the price you’d pay at the supermarket. Our Nutritionists will manage your dietary needs and perfectly balance your meals with a variety of fresh, seasonal, & local produce.

• Grocery, such as dry goods, dairy, frozen, & general merchandise
• Milk (whole milk, dry powdered milk, canned milk, condensed milk)
• Baby food and care
• Natural Body, which includes supplements, nutrition drinks
• Ready to eat Foods and snacks

• Produce (citrus, fresh vegetables, fruits)
• Meat (chicken, turkey, goat, beef, rabbit)
• Seafood
• Specialty, such as cheese, juice, fermented juice, tea, remedies, beer, & wine